Frequent Questions

What Information Sharing requirements are changed from the proposed to final rule?

For LEPCs, the final rule eliminated the proposed requirements for information sharing with LEPCs and instead added language to the emergency response coordination section (provisions under § 68.93) to emphasize existing Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know Act (EPCRA) authority.

For the public, the final rule eliminated the proposed requirement to share chemical hazard information on the facility’s website.  Instead the requirement is to provide existing public information directly to community members that request the information so that they can plan to properly protect themselves by ensuring plans are in place to effectively shelter in place, and evacuate.

As proposed, EPA is requiring facilities to hold a public meeting after a reportable accident, but, in response to comments received, changed the timeframe for the public meeting from within 30 days of the accident, to 90 days.  It is for the facility to determine the agenda and depth of detail to be discussed at the public meeting(s).

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