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How do the changes in the 2006 Amendments apply to mobile refuelers?

Mobile refuelers are now exempt from the following sized secondary containment provisions that still apply to all other bulk storage containers and mobile/portable bulk storage containers:

• Sections 112.8(c)(2) and (11) for petroleum oils
• Sections 112.12(c)(2) and (11) for animal fats and vegetable oils

These provisions previously required sized secondary containment for mobile refuelers, such as a dike or catchment basin, of sufficient size to contain the capacity of the largest compartment or container on a mobile refueler along with enough room to contain precipitation.  The exemption does not apply to refuelers used primarily for the bulk storage of oil in a fixed location in place of stationary containers (e.g., a refueler that no longer can move or conduct transfers and is left only to serve as a bulk storage container).

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