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Is gasoline exempt from the requirements of Part 68?

Is gasoline exempt from the requirements of 40 CFR Part 68?


Although gasoline is not specifically listed as a regulated substance under 40 CFR Section 68.130, it may contain one or more regulated substances.  On January 6, 1998 (63 FR 640), EPA exempted from threshold determination regulated flammable substances in gasoline when in distribution or related storage for use as a fuel for internal combustion engines (40 CFR Section 68.115(b)(2)(ii)).  For example, if a refinery had a quantity of butane in a storage vessel and a separate quantity of gasoline (containing butane) intended for use as a fuel in an internal combustion engine, only the butane in the storage vessel should be applied toward the 10,000-pound threshold; the quantity of butane in the gasoline used for fuel is exempt.

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