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Are explosives listed regulated substances under CAA 112(r)?

No.  Explosives classified by the Department of Transportation as Class 1, Division 1.1 were initially listed as regulated substances with a threshold quantity of 5,000 pounds because of their potential to cause offsite impacts (59 FR 4478; January 31, 1994). In accordance with a Settlement Agreement between EPA and the Institute of Makers of Explosives (IME), IME developed and will implement safety practices that will provide additional information and enhance the coordination between explosives facilities and emergency planners and responders.  As discussed in a proposal to Class 1, Div. 1.1 explosives (61 FR 16606, April 15, 1996), EPA concluded that current regulations and current and contemplated industry practices would promote safety and accident prevention in storage, handling, transportation, and use of explosives.  EPA subsequently issued a final rule delisting Class 1, Division 1.1 explosives (63 FR 640, January 6, 1998).

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