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Guidance for on-site compliance evaluations under CAA §112(r)

CAA §112(r)(6)(L) provides employees and employee representatives with rights to participate in EPA CAA §112(r) compliance evaluations.  What formal guidance is available from EPA regarding the involvement of facility employees and employee representatives in EPA and delegated Agency on-site compliance evaluations conducted under CAA §112(r)?

The EPA Office of Land and Emergency Management and the Office of Enforcement and Compliance Assurance have jointly developed guidance for conducting inspections under CAA §112(r).  This document provides guidance for implementing agencies that conduct inspections of facilities (i.e., stationary sources) subject to 40 CFR Part 68, also called the EPA Risk Management Program.  This guidance is designed as a tool for inspectors reviewing industry compliance with the Risk Management Program regulations.  However, this guidance does not reflect all requirements that a facility must meet to be in compliance with the regulation.

This document, entitled Guidance for Conducting Risk Management Program Inspections under Clean Air Act Section 112(r) (EPA 550-K-11-001), is available at the following URL:    

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