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Reviewing and updating a Facility Response Plan

What do I need to do to maintain my facility's Facility Response Plan?

Your FRP must comply with 40 CFR Part 112 and any amendments.  You must review relevant portions of the National Contingency Plan and applicable ACP annually and, if necessary, revise the FRP to ensure consistency with these plans.  You must review and update the FRP periodically to reflect changes at the facility.  (Please see 40 CFR 112.20(g)(1), (2), and (3) for more information.)  You must submit the revised portions of the response plan within 60 days of each change that may materially affect the response to a worst case discharge.  These changes include:

  • A change in the facility’s configuration that materially alters information in the response plan;
  • A change in the type of oil handled, stored, or transferred;
  • A material change in capabilities of any oil spill removal organization that provides equipment and personnel to respond to oil discharges from the facility; or
  • A material change in the facility’s discharge prevention and response equipment or emergency response procedures.
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