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RMP Contractor Related Requirements

Facilities subject to the Program 3 Prevention Program requirements in 40 CFR Part 68 must include in their Risk Management Plan the date of the most recent review or revision of contractor safety procedures in Section 7.14 and the date of the most recent review or revision of contractor safety performance in Section 7.15. What are the requirements related to contractor procedures and performance?

Facilities where contractors perform maintenance or repair, turnaround, major renovation, or specialty work on or adjacent to a covered process are required to check safety performance, provide safety and hazards information, ensure safe practices, and verify that the contract owner or operator meets certain obligations (§68.87(b)). The obligations of the contract owner or operator include providing and documenting training for contract employees on job-related and process hazards and the emergency action plan (§68.87(c)). The contract owner or operator must also assure that contract employees follow safety rules of the stationary source and advise the owner or operator on contract work hazards (§68.87(c)).
Additional information can be found in Chapter 7, on page 7-16, of the General Guidance on Risk Management Programs for Chemical Accident Prevention (40 CFR Part 68) (EPA555-B-04-001). This document is available at the following URL:
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