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RMP Facility Relocates

Under the risk management program regulations in 40 CFR §68.190, owners or operators must revise and update their risk management plan (RMP) if they meet any of the specified criteria or deregister the RMP within 6 months if they are no longer subject to the rule. However, what should stationary sources do if they only move locations (i.e., their address changes)? 

Since the original stationary source site location will no longer be subject to the risk management program, the facility owner or operator must deregister the facility within six months. RMPs and RMP facility IDs are site-specific; therefore, if a facility moves to a new location at a different address, it is treated as a new facility and assigned a new RMP facility ID by EPA and must submit a new RMP. The facility cannot simply update the RMP or transfer the data from the original stationary source to the new location.

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