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Accessing RMP data

Is Risk Management Plan (RMP) data available to the public and, if so, where can it be found?

Risk Management Plans (RMPs) prepared and submitted pursuant to CAA section 112(r) are, by statute, available to the public.
Members of the general public may obtain RMP data by visiting a designated federal reading room or by contacting their SERC or LEPC public contact. Information on federal reading rooms is available at the following URL:
A member of the general public may also submit an official FOIA request to obtain non-OCA RMP data. Information on how to submit a FOIA request is available at the following URL:
In addition, any person may contact a facility directly to request the facility's RMP information. However, facility owners and operators are not required to give their facilities' RMP information directly to the public.
Anyone may contact the RMP Reporting Center to inquire and receive a "yes" or "no" answer regarding whether a specific facility has submitted an RMP. The RMP Reporting Center can be reached at (703) 227-7650 or
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